Pastor Joe's Blog

  • Even the Apostle Paul discovered is that the answer NO to his prayer was for a very good reason.  We learn in II Cor 12:9 he needed to learn God’s grace and God’s power.  God speaking, “my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”    


  • God assures us again and again in His word that the wicked dominion of man would end, while God’s dominion would endure forever and ever.  Without this word from God concerning the future, the human mind will not only be given over to anxiety, but also be filled with all kinds of remedies and ridiculous ideas.

  • Our disposition before coming to know Christ as Savior was to follow the things that were opposed to God.  But now the goodnews of the gospel is that through faith in Christ were given a new way of life, “God made us alive together with Him.”