Pastor Joe's Blog

  • The justice of God, like an immovable mountain, tells us that all sin and evil must be judged.  If we are honest with ourselves, we understand that our thoughts, attitudes and actions condemn us and we must stand in judgment.  And yet this is where the gospel is so powerful.

  • When Jesus went to the cross, He suffered fully for us, as God and Man.  In Mark 15:23 we read just one way Christ did that.  Moments before the Roman soldiers drove the nails into Jesus... we read that "they offered Him wine mixed with myrrh, but Jesus did not take it."  Why?

  • It is important for us as Christians to remember that this is what guides our understanding of what is true and just.  It is important for us as citizens of one of the freest nations in the world to remember our nation and laws have their foundation in God not man.   The day that we forget this will be the day we descend into tyranny and totalitarianism.