Pastor Joe's Blog

  • Unless we have an encounter with the living Christ, that He is risen, that we have a hope for the future, we will often be filled with unbelief and even hardness of heart.  That was the predicament that the disciples found themselves in in Mark 16:14, when Christ revealed Himself to them. 

  • Without the revelation of God’s word and the illuminating power of His Holy Spirit, we cannot see that all of our other passions about life, the future and even God Himself, are often vain and shallow.  It is not until the reality of Jesus is revealed that we begin to be filled with God’s passion and then the desire to tell others about Him. 

  • Every person comes into this world thirsty, hungry and needy.  That is our disposition because we are sinnners, born separated from God, and in need of new life.  But now through Jesus a miracle happens.  In Christ, our sins are not only forgiven and covered through His shed blood, but now through Him we receive new life and through His Spirit we become full and then can help others find fullness.