Pastor Joe's Blog

  • As we think about a new year, let us reflect on several truths that help us look to the future with hope from the Bible.  When we receive Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches us that we are "born again."  (John 3:1-10)  What does it mean to be born again?  

  • When we come to Christ, the Bible teaches us are then born again and given new life, where God’s Holy Spirit begins a new work in us.  With this new birth a process begins, where we go from loving darkness to increasingly alive to the good things of God. 

  • Each of us, no matter how gifted or limited we are, has a purpose by God to serve Him and bring Him glory.   There are no "nobodies" in the Kingdom of God.  There are just faithful and faithless.  Each of us has received a talent or a gift for God’s glory.  Each of us have been called to serve others and God.