Pastor Joe's Blog

  • But the very first thing that God said was “not good,” was in Genesis 2:18.  Even before sin and the rebellion of man, God said “not good” when He saw man’s loneliness.  After God gave man the task of caring for the Garden of Eden and naming the animals, God said “It is not good that man should be alone, so I will make him a helper fit for him.”

  • In light of the current state restrictions on gathering as a church, how are we to respond?  One possibility is to not comply.  Some churches have chosen to do that.  Some believe that since God is commanding us to gather and the state is passing laws not to gather, it is an occasion for civil disobedience.  Other churches have chosen another direction.  In light of passages like Romans 13:1, these churches have chosen to remain in "submission to governing authorities."

  • When one man is willing to lay down his life for another, it demonstrates what sacrificial love looks like.   With that thought in mind, it is good for us to also remember that God the Father sacrificed His only Son.  It is Christ's sacrifice and shed blood that also gives us freedom.  Freedom from sin, freedom from the judgment of God and freedom to know God and have eternal life.  God is a sacrificing loving God.