Pastor Joe's Blog

  • it was not good enough for Adam to live alone with God.  He needed someone else.  The poet John Milton said, ‘Loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named, not good.’ God knew that human beings needed human companionship.’ ” (Alice Fryling, Seeking God Together, 2009 pg. 15)

  • As we give ourselves over to prayer these next weeks during this COVID-19 crisis, let us know that the Lord is God and learn to wait patiently for Him.  We can trust Him, knowing that God is able to carry us through. When we do that, He will fill us and give us confidence even in the face of war or a virus that threatens our very lives. 

  • One of the great overarching themes of the Bible’s 66 books is that all of us were created for a God given purpose.  And that purpose is only discovered when we come into a relationship with Him.  God through the agency of His Holy Spirit will reveal to us our purpose, guide us along the way, transform us to be more and more like Jesus and help us accomplish His will.