Barriers to Jesus (Part II)

“With man it is impossible, but not with God.  For all things are possible with God.”  

Some portions of Scripture should cause us to stop and ponder a bit before we quickly move on.  Mark 10:23-27 is one of those passages.  There are two verses which are perhaps some of the most quoted Scripture in the Bible, and for good reason.  Because each verse is packed with a lot of truth.  

Mark 10:25,  Jesus teaches us that wealth can be a great liability, which should confront our desire for it and turn our world upside down.  Riches can be such a great liability that Jesus tells us that it is easier for “a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  Remember the context here, a few verses earlier, a rich man just walked away from Jesus, turning away from the kingdom of God because of “his great possessions.”  (Mark 10:22)

The other verse, which is equally important  is vs. 27, where Jesus reminds us that though it is difficult for a rich man to be saved, it is not impossible.  “With man it is impossible, but not with God.  For all things are possible with God.”   

Last week, we looked at two doctrines about man and God, the sinfulness of man and the sinlessness of God.  When Jesus previously stated that there is “none good but God alone,” He was confronting the sin in the rich young man of self sufficiency, self righteousness, and pride.  We discussed that the remedy does not come from man, who because of his sin has fallen "short of the glory of God,”  Because of sin, we all need a sinless Savior, the Lord Jesus who lived a perfect life and because of His love died for our sin, that we may have forgiveness and everlasting life.

This week we will  look at another two doctrines of man and God, but from another angle.  The first is man's limited power to effect inward change.   “With man” Jesus reminds us, “it is impossible.”  The overarching principle here is it is not only impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God through his own power or even the power of another man, but it is impossible for man to secure the saving grace of God. 

This brings us to an equally important truth which is this, "with God all things are possible.”  Not just for a rich man who was captured by his wealth to enter the kindgom of God, but “all things are possible with God.”  And “all things” here means that there is nothing in all of creation that God is unable to do, even change the hardest heart to be a friend and child of God. 

This is goodnews is because we all know someone who may have been hardened by something in this world.  It may be wealth or a circumstance beyond their control, that from our vantage point looks hopeless in terms of them coming to know Jesus.  It may be a spouse, a friend, a mother, father, son or daughter.  With that in mind, we need to remember with us, yes, it is impossible, but with God, “all things are possible.”