Pastor Joe's Blog

  • As we look at the world and its history these past 2000 years we can say with absolute authority that indeed the church, God's people are increasing, being built up through its testimony that Jesus is the Son of God.  We also see that despite every evil that has been thrown against her, God's church continues to prevail.

  • God is pleading with us to put away the false notion that happiness is tied to getting more of what I want, when I want it.   Jesus wants us to know that the surest way to misery and spiritual bankruptcy is a stingy and greedy heart.  He wants us to know that when we tie our happiness to selfish desires, we will only be like the proverbial horse ever chasing the carrot on the stick.

  • It is hard to believe that when God looks down from the heaven’s and looks at the Buffets and the Bill Gates of the world and the billions that they give, that God would be more impressed with a widow’s mite who would give sacrificially more than those who give out of their abundance.