Weekly Prayer Guide - October 20, 2020



Pastors & Deacons: Please remember to keep our pastors and deacons close in prayer. Especially for Pastor Joe who is recovering from surgery.


Pastor Joe Atiles: Please pray for healing for Pastor Joe Atiles as he is struggling in the hospital and in desperate need of healing and a miracle. Also pray for his wife Tina and their 7 children

Our Nation - Please pray for the upcoming Presidential Election, for God's will and direction for our country and He bless America. Protection for our Police officers nation wide.


Our Church Family - That the Lord will continue to bless us and keep us all healthy. That the precautions we have been taking will not be in vain but will help keep Covid away. 


Mabel Smith - Please keep our dear sister in the Lord Mabel in your prayers as she has been put on hospice. Pray for Anita and the family as well.


Gina Alleruzzo- Pray for healing from pneumonia.


Annie Hollering - Please pray for my dear friend Matt who has stage 4 cancer.  For my children's Salvation who live in California, wishing we could be there with them. Pray for all IBC as they receive the Lord's healing.


Patricia - Please pray for a healing of my Rheumatoid Arthritis and God's will for my life, Praise the Lord!


Jerry Belfiore - Please pray for a good friend, her mom is not doing well health wise and she doesn't know the Lord. Keep them both in prayer.


Janie Tappe - Pray for continued healing and physical therapy for her hip. Pray for salvation for her children.


Kathy Cole - Please pray for the salvation of my family.


Edie Smith - Please help our country as we are in perilous times, we need your guidance more than ever. Thank you for being with me thursday night.  Help Jimmy as he faces difficulty in traveling to his doctor appointment. Help him get his picture ID so he can vote. Please bless Bill and protect him as he is trying to do your work in AL.


Meredith C.- Please pray as we lost  Aunt Wilma and my older brother went into the hospital in Montana. We are too far away to be any use so we pray for those involved in Bills care.


Amanda - Please keep me in your prayers, I have been having stomach pains. Pray for wisdom for my doctor to figure out what is causing this pain. Also pray for my friend Kaitlin as she is moving to Florida. 


Helen Bayne - Please pray for my mom's arthritic shoulders. Please pray for my daughter Alexa's salvation and for a hedge of protection around her. Also for my mother-in-law Lois who is battling alzheimer's. Pray for my father-in-law too since he is her caretaker.


Debbie Heard- Please pray the Lord will take away pain and stiffness in my torso, heaviness and weakness in my legs. My son Mike and daughter in law Michelle for Salvation. My mother Marilyn for Salvation, that her house sells so she can move closer to us.


Autumn A. -Pray for my family to be saved.


Erica Shaw -  Please pray that God will help me find a good paying job so I can save enough money to move out on my own.


Sus Pussilano- Please pray for Robbie, a family member, who is in the need of a liver transplant. He is very sick and only 50 years old. Pray for my son Phil and his family as he is still deployed.


Jocelyn Mandeville - Please pray for my health issues, answers and wisdom for doctors.


Kristin Nelson-Continue to pray for Paul & Amy; healing strength, stamina, wisdom & peace. Unsaved family parents Bill & Carolyn. Rich Arsenault for healing. Nate's cousin Tammy for healing. Baby Max, healing,strength & wisdom for doctors; Krissy & Family, peace, strength and wisdom. Operation Christmas Child, for wisdom as we kick off. Our nation for healing, peace & unity.


Tom & Geisellen Fairthorne- Please continue to keep Tom in prayer, driving schol needs paperwork on his driving record for the last few years before he can start classes. For Leann that God would be working in her heart and mind and show her how far away from the narrow path she has fallen. That He would lead her back to him first, her children and her parents.


McManus Family - Please continue to pray for a miracle for Baby Max, that he will recuperate from his brain shunt surgery without any infection. That he will not have brain damage or mental disabilities from the hydrocephalus and that his lungs will contine to develop so that they can take him off the  ventilator. Our God is greater than any medical issue. Pray the doctors will be astonished with Max's recovery!


Amy Crooks– Pray for Paul’s continued healing & wisdom to be guided to the right people for treatment and therapy. For Jesse & Amanda that the upcoming birth of their baby to be healthy and safe. For Amy's brother Pat who needs much healing.


Karen Allas- Please pray for my brother Michael who is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Thank you.


Linda Johnson – Please pray for my children, my sister, my new nephew Ethan & my best friend Sherry. Thank you.


Joy Piccolo - My daughter Jessica & Ryan and baby Oliver due 10/21 for a healthy & safe birth.


Dina Hempel–My family to turn to the Lord. For me to spend more time with the Lord in his word and on my knees. 





Ministries of the Church


Leadership- Please pray for continued unity, praise the Lord!  Pray for vision and direction as we develop a ministry of care and shepherding.  Please keep all our new families in prayer as they have made the decision to join Immanuel.  Pray as we look at the possibility of a new community outreach center in the future.


His Mercy House—Pray for the ministry team there on Tuesdays 10 am -12 pm as they reach out to many families each week.  Pray for continued opportunities for sharing the gospel and follow up and discipleship.  Praise God for the laborers He has sent.   We could use more laborers to sort clothing and help in other ways.  Team members:  Pray for IBC members Bob and Kathy Derner, Gina Alleruzzo, John Cataudella, Joe Bogulaski, Betty Stasko and the many others as they serve each week!


Children’s Ministries—Pray for more than 30 volunteers who serve throughout Sunday morning and Wednesdays AWANA to our children.  Pray as the children go through the curriculum “The Gospel Project.” Please pray for the children and their families; that they grow in Christ together.  Pray for more help for second hour on Sundays.  Pray for Jeanne Thomas and Pastor Mike Tapia as they oversee and lead.  Also pray for Miranda Parmly who oversees the nursery.  Pray for Bill Nevins as he leads a team of 15 on Wednesdays with our AWANA ministry, that they would know Christ and learn to abide in His word.


Adult Discipleship—Pray for our Community Group time as we do sermon application lessons in Fellowship Hall.  Pray also for the 15 various small groups in homes and the church and that God would raise up more homes and leaders.  Also pray for the pastors as they seek God to anchor our church deeper into God’s word.  Pray for Pastor Mike Heard as he oversees the various discipleship ministries of the church.


Continue praying for the Hub which meets on the 3rd Friday of each month.  Pray that the women of the church continue to foster a vision for discipleship with those younger ladies who need mentoring.  Pray for the men’s monthly prayer breakfast on the 1st Saturday of each month and pray for the men’s study as they meet each Saturday 8-9:30 am.


Youth Ministry—Pray for Youth Ministry as Mike Meirose, Aaron Peace and Pastor Mike Tapia lead our youth with Youth Impact on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  Pray for the future efforts to disciple our youth through missions, outreach and the teaching of God’s word. Pray also for Nate Nelson and Michelle Wells (6th-8th grades), as they minister to our youth on Sunday mornings. 


Outreach Ministries—Pray for this coming summer’s Soccer Camp and VBS, for Deacon Nate Nelson and Kristin as they lead.  Pray for our monthly Soup Kitchen and other efforts to reach out to our community.  Pray for the outreach team as they strategize around this and other efforts. 




  • Bernard and Bernice Dodeler:  France, leadership training                                    

  • Misionaries in India, working with handicapped children

  • Guy and Carolyn Eshelman: Albania, currently at Caryn University in PA ministering

  • David & Kathy Mannon: Rutgers, International students                          

  • Gerber and Dione Coelho: Brazil, church planting                       

  • Our Missionaries in Asia:  working with refugees, leadership training                            

  • Jon and Kim Caputo: Campus Outreach 

  • Our Missionaries in India                 

  • Dr. Sam Slobodian:  Russia

  • Michael Tapia Jr.: SonSet Solutions, technology support for Radio ministries and community development 

  • Zebby Wheelock: Safina Street Network- Tanzania