Virtues Campus is an innovative approach to higher learning that seeks to instill in young people the word of God and a love for Jesus Christ.  In the fall 2022, Virtues Campus will be partnering with Immanuel Bible Church to launch Associate of Arts (AA) degrees for High School graduates and dual enrollment opportunities for high school students.  This will be done in collaboration with Crown College, which is a fully accredited school. Our desire is to present an alternative to secular universities and local community colleges that is faith based, cost effective and provides small classes, where each student is mentored by a team of academic pastors who teach and provide support to the student for their spiritual growth.   The AA programs are designed to help the student understand God’s call upon their lives, while giving them a deeper understanding of God’s word and an ability to defend their faith in today’s culture.  

To complete an AA degree the student will complete a total of 60 credit hours.  This will take place over a two year period.   30 credits hours will be taken on the church campus under the tuteluge of the academic pastors.  The remaining 30 credits will be taken through Crown College (online) and/or other online venues or a local community college.   Note:  Crown requires 15 of the 30 credits outside of the church campus be taken through their online catalogue.  The remaining 15 credits can also be taken through Crown College or another university online or a local community college.   Note:  all credits outside of Crown College (up to 15 credits) must first be first approved by Crown’s registrar. 

Basic Questions and Answers

How much will this cost for an Associates of Arts student? 

The Associate of Arts (AA) program will cost $5000 for one academic year with Virtues Campus for a total of 15 credits.  The other remaining 15 credits for the academic year will come through Crown College online and will be $83 per credit.   This will bring the total for the academic year with Virtues and Crown College to under $7000 for the year.


Over the course of 2 years, 15 out of the 60 total credits can be taken at at various other colleges (i.e. a local community college or another online college).  These credits would first be approved by Crown College's registrar and the cost would be according to fee schedule of that college.


What is dual enrollment and how much will that cost?

Dual enrollment is for high school students desiring to earn College credits that can then be transferred when enrolling in an AA or BA program.   The cost for dual enrollement students will be $83 per credit plus a fee with Virtues (TBA).   Note that the state of NJ will award a highschool diploma to anyone who earns 30 college credits. (NJ info page here)   This means a High School student can be provisionally enrolled in the AA program with Virtues College and Crown College and receive their High School dimploma within one academic year. 


What are the AA programs that are available?

There are a variety of AA programs offered through Virtues and Crown College.  These include business, biblical studies and other AA programs that can be tailored to a students career path.  


Can I apply for FAFSA or other financial aide?

Yes.  This would be through Crown College finance office and apply to the Crown College credits.  But please note that there are FAFSA and financial aide deadlines for each academic year.


Are scholarships available?

Yes.  This will be discussed after application is submitted.


When does the school year begin for fall 2022?

Orientation will be on August 22 Monday  9-12 am and includes lunch.

The academic semester will begin on Friday Sept 9   9 am – 3 pm


What are my next steps for an AA degree?

Step 1  Apply first with Virtues Campus (registration link here).   

Step 2  After acceptance with Virtues, then apply at Crown University (registration link here)

Step 3 Submit a contact form for Immanuel Bible Church (form here)

Step 4  We will call you and help you with the final steps


How can I enroll as a dual enrollment student?

Step 1   Apply with Virtues Campus (registration link here)

Step 2   After acceptance with Virtues, then apply at Crown University (registration link here)

Step 3 Submit a contact form for Immanuel Bible Church (form here)

Step 4  We will call you and help you with the final steps.

What does a weekly schedule look like?

Life Skills & Personal Finance (non-credit, every other week)

Mondays 10- 11:30 am

This is a non-credit opportunity that helps the student to practically live as adults.  Every other week various skills from simple car maintenance to nutrition and meal preparation will be giving.  Along with this a basic course on understanding personal finance management will be taught from a biblical perspective. 


Bible:  Genesis to Revelation (1.5 credits per semester)

Fridays 9 – 11 am    Pastor Joe Suozzo

A course designed to help the student understand the Bible as a whole.  This not only includes in depth study of God’s word, but also gives the student an ability to navigate each book of the Bible with life application. 


Truth in Action (3 credits per semester)

Fridays 1 – 3 pm   Pastor Pat Necarato

This course is designed to help the student defend their faith in an increasing hostile culture.  By grappling with Christian world view and evidences for their faith, the student will be able to understand how to “give an answer for the hope that is in them.” (I Pet 3:16)


Career Readiness Track (3 credits per semester)

Saturdays 8:30 -10:30 am   Pastor Mike Tapia

This is a 6 credit course over the full academic year designed to help the student understand God’s call upon their life.  Through both the teaching of God’s word on vocation the student will be led to understand what the Bible teaches about living for His glory.  This course also includes a variety of tests and lessons so that the student can learn about their strengths and weaknesses and their unique gifting and personality that God has entrusted to them. 

Meet the Campus Pastors

Pastor Joe has been serving as the senior pastor at Immanuel Bible church since 2004.  Before that he and his family served in India as missionaries from 1989 -2000.   Pastor Joe has a BA from Moody Bible Institute, an MA from Columbia International University and a Graduate degree in Philosophy from Benares University in India.  He and his wife Dianne have two children, Daniele and Annamarie.  His focus with the Virtue Campus students will be OT – NT Survey.

Pastor Pat is a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity (M.Div.) and currently serves as the Senior pastor at Faith Evangelical Church in Freehold.  His background is in evangelism, youth ministry, film, and entrepreneurship. He and His wife Natalie and their four homeschooled children, Zoe, Noah, Leah Grace and Ezra, have been involved in ministry in the Monmouth County area for over 16 years.  His focus with Virtues Campus will be Understanding Your Faith.

Dr. Mike Tapia has been serving as a pastor with Immanuel Bible church since 2012.  He and his family have been members at Immanuel since 1998.  Dr. Tapia practises chiropractory at Northeast Spine and Sport Medicine in Jackson.  Pastor Mike has a BS in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University, a doctorate from Shermon College of Chiropractic, and an MA in Theology from South West Baptist Theological Seminary.   He and his wife Linda have four wonderful children, Mike, Sharon, Anna and Kaley.   His focus with Virtues Campus will be Career Readiness Track.