Come and join Vishal Mangalwadi  and Pastor Joe Suozzo at Immanuel Bible Church, Howell on October 22-23 for a symposium that presents a new vision for education.  First session begins Friday at 7 pm and then Saturday morning 9 am - 12 pm.  Vishal Mangalwadi is a renowned author and an amazing speaker.  He will help us to understand the crucial hour we are in to capture our youth for the glory of God.  The latest Barna survey tells us that the church is losing 70% of its youth after they go through university.  We are convinced that a new model of education is needed.  A model that puts the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center.    To download the first 4 chapters of the Third Education Revolution book check us out on Amazon. (click here)

For one thousand years the Church has sent students to the university. The Third Education Revolution will enable universities and schools to send students to local churches. Students will be mentored by Academic Pastors who will re-integrate character formation, problem solving aptitude, critical thinking and leadership skills with academic education. The community will help develop vocational skills through internship programs. The partnership of Church, university and technology will make high quality education affordable to virtually everyone.