Weekly Prayer Journal- May 17, 2022


Missionaries of the month: Albania-Guy and Carolyn Eshelman- Carolyn and I daily thank God for the faithfulness and generosity of our supporters!


Pastors & Deacons: Please remember to keep our pastors and deacons close in prayer as they diligently serve the Lord and our church.  


Ukraine-Pray for God's mercy for the people of Ukraine and the surrounding countries affected by the war. 


Geber & Dione Coelho- Pray for us as we contracted dengue fever. Dione has lost 22 lbs and I have lost 11 ilbs. Pray for healing and recovery. We dearly covet your prayers. 


Slobodians- Pray for protection, provision and peace. 


Tessie- Please pray for my daughter. She is in the hospital with sepsis. 


Paul and Amy-Pray for continued healing for Paul and pray for Amy as she has her last treatment on 5/18. Pray for complete healing. 


Eileen T.- Pray for my daughter Jenna who has been battling several medical and emptional challenges for more than half her life. Pray that she puts her faith in the Lord has she once did-sha has doubts these days. Pray she opens her heart and that her doctors can finally help her heal.


Giselle Fairthorne- Please pray for me as I have an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor to do an exam of my knees and possiblu get gel shots to relieve pain. 


Lois Harris-Pray for my sister-in-law Ellen whose oral cancer has spread to her lungs. She has been non-responsive for 3 weeks. Pray for continuous strength for my brother Larry as he cares for her at home. Pray Ellen would have a peacful journey home to be with the Lord. Love to my IBC family.


Erin K.- Please pray for Nancy. Her son passed away and she lost her other son several years ago. Pray the Lord would be her comfort at this time. 


Linda Friedman- Please pray for my marriage that my husband and I draw closer to one another. Aldo pray for my parents to live a long and healthy life and that we would all draw closer to Jesus. Please pray for me to recover and heal from COVID. Pray my husband does not get it. Pray that I would get the proper respect at work and in my family. 


Gene Ray-Please pray for my brother Tim's salvation and also for his two boys, Tommy and Johnny. 


Samira Ray-Please pray for salvation for my son Nick and my daughter Cameron, my parents and my sisters Alia and Nadia. Please pray for my mother-in-law, Jeannie who has many health issues. Please pray for my friend Madia as sh begins her long road of chemo and radiation for cancer.


Bob Derner- Pray for good results with his melanoma treatments. 


Emmons Family- Pray for housing for my daughter Jackie. Spiritual growth and protection for my granchildren. Pray for guidance for Guy's and Renee's retiretment plans. 


Judy Leon- Pray that my heart heals from losing my husband JC to cancer.  Pray that my grandson Rodngo will continue to search for comfort in God. 


Bill & Edie Smith & James Nutt- Pray for Jie as she had a mastectomy due to cancer. Her cancer has returned and she has asked us for help for herself and her daughter, Rosemary. Praying the Lord would be near to them and provide a better life for them. 


Autumn Andrascik-Please continue to pray for my sisters Nell and Roxanne. Pray for a loosening of addictive strongholds in their lives. 


Dianne Suozzo-Pray for healling for my mom, Rita Paul as hse continues to heal and prepares for home. 


Kelly Lee-Pray for my co-worker Laura. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It has also traveled to her lymph node. Pray as the tumor has not shrunk at all after treatments. Pray for the next step in her treatment.  Pray for salvation for my son Matt and also pray for him as he starts a new job. Pray for my daughter Teresa that she continues to keep her eyes on Jesus and makes her life's decisions based on God's will. Please pray for family as my parents have cut us out of their lives because we are unvaccinated. Pray for their salvation and comfort for me and my family as we deal with this issue. 


Edie & Jim- Pray for resolution in ongoing house remodeling. Pray for good health for both of us. Pray that Billy can find peace and please keep Rosa in good health. 


Daniela Rand- Please pray for my friend Jessica. Pray for the viability of her new pregnancy. Lord please strengthen the baby and help him/her grow strong. Also pray for my friend Andrew who recently had prostate cancer surgery. May he be cancer free from here forward. 


Erik Litchfield—I will be moving in August and would like if prayer would be made for my mom to follow me in the move because my current place of living for 5 years has been toxic for a person with no capacity for owning a car can handle.


Kristin Nelson-–1-Please pray for  unsaved family, my parents, Bill & Carolyn and unity and healing of our nation. 2-Pray for all that are struggling physically, spiritually, & emotionally & financially. . 3-Pray for Livada as they take in over 50 children and adult Ukrainian refugees. Pray for support to provide for their needs. Pray as they prepare for summer camps. Pray for wisdom for Bruce and the rest of the staff. 4- Pray for safety for the Samaritan Purse volunteers who on on the ground in Ukraine and pray for their conference.  5-Pray for Laura who has aggressive  breast cancer and is going through her first round of chemo treatments. 6-Pray for Nikki who has Non Hodgkins Folicular Cancer & Carin who has breast cancer.  7- Pray for Rich from Operation Christmas Child. He had open heart surgery and is being transferred to rehab. Pray for strength and healing.Pray for comfort and peace for his wife Barbara.  8. Pray for healing, wisdom & strength for Stephanie.


Janie Tappe - Pray for my family’s salvation. Pray for my son Ed & my daughter Jill to reconcile their differences. Pray for Janet Wilson. Her friend Inge of 45 years passed away this week. Pray for Inge's son Mark and family as they mourn the loss of her. 


Patricia Betancourt—Please pray for husband Wally as he needs to hace a heart procedure. 


Marsha Imgriale-- Please pray that our son will be confident and take the offer he's been given to go back to his job as an electrician in Local 3. 


Linda Savercool  - Please pray for my mother Linda that she will follow the direction of her doctors and find a path to better health. 


Helen Bayne– Please pray for Alexa and Zach’s salvation. Also pray for my Mom’s health and salvation. Pray for Dale Sr. who is the caretaker of Lois who is battling Alzheimer's. Pray for Jim & Maryanne Merlin. Jim is battling prostate cance. Also pray for Christina & Bryan for their health and longevity.


Debbie Heard– Pray for my spinal stynosis to get better so walking gets better. Please pray for salvation for my mother Marilyn, my son Michael, daughter-in-law Michelle and my brother Steven and his wife Darlene.


Jim & Bonnie Alvich– Pray for Jennifer and Christopher as they are still having custody issues.


John Cat--Pray for salvation for my family and friends. Boldness to share the gospel. 





Ministries of the Church


Leadership - Please pray for continued unity, praise the Lord!  Pray for vision and direction as we develop a ministry of care and shepherding.  Please keep all our new families in prayer as they have made the decision to join Immanuel.  Pray as we look at the possibility of a new community outreach center in the future.


His Mercy House - Pray for Brett & Daniella Rand and  the ministry team there on Tuesdays 10 am -12 pm and Thursday 6 - 8 pm as they reach out to many families each week.  Pray for continued opportunities for sharing the gospel and follow up and discipleship.  Praise God for the laborers He has sent.  We could use more laborers to sort clothing and help in other ways.


Children’s Ministries - Pray for more than 30 volunteers who serve throughout Sunday morning and Wednesdays AWANA to our children.  Pray as the children go through the curriculum “The Gospel Project.” Please pray for the children and their families; that they grow in Christ together.  Pray for more help for second hour on Sundays.  Pray for Jeanne Thomas and Pastor Mike Tapia as they oversee and lead.  Also pray for Miranda Parmly who oversees the nursery.  Pray for Bill Nevins as he leads a team of 15 on Wednesdays with our AWANA ministry, that they would know Christ and learn to abide in His word.


Adult Discipleship - Pray for our Community Group time as we do sermon application lessons in Fellowship Hall.  Pray also for the 15 various small groups in homes and the church and that God would raise up more homes and leaders.  Also pray for the pastors as they seek God to anchor our church deeper into God’s word.  Pray for Pastor Mike Heard as he oversees the various discipleship ministries of the church.


Women's Ministry - Continue praying for the Hub which meets on the 3rd Friday of each month. Pray that the women of the church continue to foster a vision for discipleship with those younger ladies who need mentoring. 


Men's Ministry- Pray for the men’s monthly prayer breakfast on the 1st Saturday of each month and pray for the men’s study as they meet each Saturday 8-9:30 am.


Youth Ministry - Pray for Youth Ministry as Aaron Peace and Sharon Tapia with Pastor Mike Tapia lead our youth with Youth Impact on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  Pray for the future efforts to disciple our youth through missions, outreach and the teaching of God’s word. 


Outreach Ministries - Pray for our monthly Soup Kitchen & Awana! 





  • Bernard and Bernice Dodeler:  France, leadership training
  • Missionaries in India, working with handicapped children
  • Guy and Carolyn Eshelman: Albania, currently at Caryn University in PA ministering
  • David & Kathy Mannon: Rutgers, International students                          
  • Gerber and Dione Coelho: Brazil, church planting                       
  • Our Missionaries in Asia:  working with refugees, leadership training                            
  • Jon and Kim Caputo: Campus Outreach 
  • Our Missionaries in India                 
  • Dr. Sam Slobodian:  Russia
  • Michael Tapia Jr.: SonSet Solutions, technology support for Radio ministries and community development 
  • Zebby Wheelock: Safina Street Network- Tanzania 

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