Weekly Prayer Journal-May 27, 2023






Pastors & Deacons: Please remember to keep our pastors and deacons close in prayer as they diligently serve the Lord and our church.  


Missionaries: Pray for all our missionaries around the world.


Annie & Kurt Hollering: Pray for our children and their spouses’ salvation.


Kristin Nelson: Pray for Trent 10, years old whose family was in a serious crash; he has a fractured skull and seizures. Pray for healing and peace for the family. Unsaved family; Bill and Carolyn. Pray for Operation Christmas Child.


Janie Tappe:  Pray for my family’s salvation. Pray for my son Ed & my daughter Jill to reconcile their differences.


Emmons Family: Please pray for the spiritual growth of all our family members, and God’s guidance for retirement plans. God is so good


Debbie Heard: Please pray for salvation for my mother Marilyn, son Michael, his wife, Michelle, brother Steven, and wife Darlene. Pray for my new medication procedure, that there are no side effects, that the transition would go smoothly, and I would see good results.


The Dellaporte/Piccolo Family: Please pray as they grieve the loss of Beth.


Sissy Fitzgerald: Please continue to keep Ellen in your prayers as she heals and for the follow-up appointments.  Thank you for your prayers to our good Father.


John and Suzanne McManus: Praise God that Max is healing nicely after his eye surgery.  Please pray for continued healing of his eye and growth through his tube feedings and eating by mouth.


Guy Prima;  Please pray for comfort, and wisdom for the doctors


Debra Hazen:  Please pray for Albert, a veteran and retired Fire Chief diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  Also, pray for Pearl with Alzheimer's.


Tarnesia: I need a kidney, and am raising 3 teens.  Also, my mother has stomach cancer as well as breast cancer.  Pray for my grandchildren that they will stand firm in their faith and not give in to peer pressure.


Paul & Amy: Pray for continued healing for Paul. Pray for continued health for Amy.


Ken & Stephanie Akselsen: Pray for Stephanie's complete healing. Also pray for our kid’s jobs, relationships & college. Pray for the Athletes In Action Ministry.


Helen Bayne: Pray for protection & salvation for Alexa & Zach Please pray for Alexa as she starts her new job as a park ranger. Pray for Dale and Lois's needs and my mom’s salvation and needs. Thank you!


Liz Oldham: Praise God that my niece’s husband is out of the hospital, please pray that he will be led to the right doctors.  Continue to remember in prayer Kate and Anthony in the Philippines, and our unsaved family members.


Betty Stasko:  Continue to pray for Betty’s healing, she had her stent put in.  All went well.  She is also waiting on hip surgery.


Frank Wheeler:  Please pray for Faith Renee, that she would put her faith in Jesus.


Nancy Gordon:  Pray for Barbara who has colon cancer which has spread to her liver.  May she have the strength to endure Chemotherapy. 


Sara Reed: Pray for Barbara Lohmann my mother.  Her mental health is declining.  Pray that she will be willing to cooperate and get treatment right away.   And for her husband Chip for his wounds to heal and to see that his wife needs treatment.


Eileen Tuite:  Please continue to pray for complete healing, both physical and emotional for my daughter Jenna.  Pray that unsaved family members will open their hearts to the Lord,


Nicole:  Our continued walk in God’s sunshine. For the darkness to continue to be dispelled by God’s light, and for freedom to continue to grow and reign in my and my son’s life.  For finances, our and new life.


Samira Ray:  Please pray for my mother's wellness.  She struggles with chronic pain and illness.  Pray for her salvation and unsaved family members so that they may know the Lord.


Betty Bradley:  Please keep John Bradley's mother in your prayers.  She is in hospice, may God give her peace amid anxiety and pain.  the family members need strength as they walk with her.


Albert Snick:  please pray for Rickey who is battling hard times.


Linda Friedman: Please pray for my mom’s dementia and reconciliation in our family. May this helps us all draw closer to Jesus. 


Billy Nevins: Please pray for my sister Carol and her husband Mike They are struggling with the loss of their son.


Kelly Connelly: please pray for my adult children to rely on God in all things, and to truly trust God's love. pray also for the Spirit's reminder that He is in control.


Ray Walter: Please pray for health concerns.


Mariah Nelson: please pray she was in a car accident and desires prayer for the older gentleman who was in the car that hit her, he was alone and is in the hospital.  She is trusting God to restore her hand after surgery and is grateful for her family being supportive and helping her with transportation.


Roxanne Rossano:  Pray for Patsy Collins, my mother, going into hospice care.


Dan Luge:  Pray for my daughters and their mother, for safety and health.


Carmine Pescatore:  I am having eye problems again. Please pray that it passes. Also, my neighbor is in the hospital.  She and her husband are older, please pray for them.


Cindy Arsenault:  Has two breaks in her toe and will have to have a procedure to correct it.  Please pray all goes well with the recovery as well.




Ministries of the Church


Leadership - Please pray for continued unity, praise the Lord!  Pray for vision and direction as we develop a ministry of care and shepherding.  Please keep all our new families in your prayers as they have decided to join Immanuel.  Pray as we look at the possibility of a new community outreach center in the future.


His Mercy House - Pray for Brett & Daniella Rand and the ministry team there on Tuesdays 10 am -12 pm and Thursdays 6 - 8 pm as they reach out to many families each week.  Pray for continued opportunities for sharing the gospel and follow-up and discipleship.  Praise God for the laborers He has sent.  We could use more laborers to sort clothing and help in other ways.


Children’s Ministries - Pray for more than 25 volunteers who serve throughout Sunday morning and Wednesdays AWANA to our children.  Pray as the children go through the curriculum “The Group Publishing.” Please pray for the children and their families; that they grow in Christ together.  Pray for more help for the second hour on Sundays.  Pray for Jeanne Thomas and Linda Tapia as they oversee and lead.  Also, pray for Miranda Parmly who oversees the nursery.  Pray for Bill Nevins as he leads a team of 15 on Wednesdays with our AWANA ministry, that they would know Christ and learn to abide in His word.


Adult Discipleship - Pray for our Community Group time as we do sermon application lessons in Fellowship Hall.  Pray also for the 15 various small groups in homes and the church and that God would raise more homes and leaders.  Also, pray for the pastors as they seek God to anchor our church deeper into God’s word.  Pray for Pastor Mike Heard as he oversees the various discipleship ministries of the church.


Women's Ministry - Continue praying for the Hub which meets on the 3rd Friday of each month. Pray that the women of the church continue to foster a vision for discipleship with those younger ladies who need mentoring. 


Men's Ministry- Pray for the men’s monthly prayer breakfast on the 1st Saturday of each month and pray for the men’s study as they meet each Saturday 8-9:30 am.


Youth Ministry - Pray for Youth Ministry as Aaron Peace and Sharon Tapia with Pastor Mike Tapia lead our youth with Youth Impact on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  Pray for future efforts to disciple our youth through missions, outreach, and the teaching of God’s word. 






  • Bernard and Bernice Dodeler:  France, leadership training
  • Missionaries in India, working with handicapped children
  • Guy and Carolyn Eshelman: Albania, currently at Caryn University in PA ministering
  • David & Kathy Mannon: Rutgers, International students                          
  • Gerber and Dione Coelho: Brazil, church planting                       
  • Our Missionaries in Asia:  working with refugees, leadership training                            
  • Jon and Kim Caputo: Campus Outreach 
  • Our Missionaries in India                 
  • Dr. Sam Slobodian:  Russia
  • Michael Tapia Jr.: SonSet Solutions, technology support for Radio ministries and community development 
  • Zebby Wheelock: Safina Street Network- Tanzania 

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