Weekly Prayer Journal December 5, 2023







Please remember to pray for all the unsaved family members of our brothers and sisters


Pray for all those dealing with addiction and their families.


Please pray for peace in the Middle East, and around the world, may God’s love draw hearts to Jesus


Pastors and Deacons:  Please remember to keep our pastor and deacons close in prayer as they diligently serve the Lord and our church members.

Missionaries: Pray for all our missionaries around the world.


Kristin Nelson: Please pray for the Troy Family.  Erin’s father passed.  Pray Erin rests in the assurance that her dad accepted Christ in his heart. Pray for Alyna (21) as her cancer has returned, may the Lord intervene with healing.  Pray for Nikki as she goes through a second round of Chemo.  Also, Joe with Brain cancer, and, Ales (11) with stage 4 Rhabdomyoscercoma.  Continue to pray for my dad, Bill, who was laid off.  May god provide a job of the finances to enable them to retire.  Remember Operation Christmas Child as the shoeboxes go out into the world carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To God be the glory.


Janie Tappe:   Pray for my son Ed & my daughter Jill to reconcile their differences.


Emmons Family: Continued prayer for God’s wisdom for retirement and financial plans.  Pray for our daughter, Sarah’s employment opportunities. God’s protection over our health, and spiritual growth.  Pray for the salvation of Shaun, Sarah’s friend.


Debbie Heard: Pray for my new medication procedure, that there are no side effects, that the transition will continue smoothly, and that I will see good results.


Sissy Fitzgerald: Please keep Ellen and her family in your prayers, may they have wisdom as they make medical decisions for procedures ahead.  Thank you for your prayers to our good Father.


John and Suzanne McManus: Please continue to pray for Max, his willingness to eat by mouth, a substantial weight gain, and his overall health and pray that he continues to thrive in school.  


  Miranda Parmly:  Please continue to pray for Rob, his spiritual and mental health as well as his relationships with his children and their moms.  To God be the glory.


Eileen Tuite:  Please continue to pray for my daughter Jenn, who is recovering from surgery.  Pray also, for my mom, Susan, as she recovers from a fractured collarbone due to a fall.


Linda:  Please pray for my mom with dementia and my father’s anger issues.  Also, I pray for reconciliation in my family and that I receive the proper respect I deserve at home and at work.  Pray for revival in this country and pray for the war with Israel that God's will be done in ending it and these terrorist groups will be stopped.  May this help us all draw closer to Jesus. 


Patricia Betancourt:  Please pray for our neighbor, Frank, who has been fighting blood cancer for 7 years, and is starting a new procedure.  Please pray that it is effective.


 Liz Oldham:  Continue to remember in prayer Kate and Anthony back from the  Philippines as they ask God for direction for the future.  Also, our unsaved family members. Pray also for personal issues that I am struggling with, may God in His faithfulness give peace, wisdom, and discernment.  


Samira Ray:  Pray for my father,  Hasan, as he navigates his new cancer diagnosis.  Please pray for healing and his complete salvation. Please pray for my mother's wellness as she struggles with chronic pain and illness. May my faith in Jesus become their faith as well. 


Dee:  Pray for my baby to be healthy and he continue to grow inside me, for my uncle who struggles with addiction, and pray for my mother with mental issues, that she may heal and grow in love and faith.


  Sara Reed: Pray for Barbara Lohmann, my mother.  Her mental health is declining.  Pray that she will be willing to cooperate and get treatment right away.   Pray for her husband Chip for his wounds to heal and to see that his wife needs treatment.


Paul & Amy: Pray for continued healing for Paul. Pray for continued health for Amy.


Ken & Stephanie Akselsen: Pray for Stephanie's complete healing. Also pray for our kids' jobs, relationships & college. Pray for the Athletes In Action Ministry. 


Lily Stephenson:  My cousin Alex (19) is in the US Marine Corps.  For his safety and for him to know God is watching over him.

Edie:  Please bring peace to Gregory and his family.  Pray for peace in the household, endurance, and grace for Jie, and a stop to the abuse that is going on.  Praise the Lord, that He is in control.


Autumn:  Please pray for my mother-in-law, Carole, for healing from a fall that resulted in a fractured ankle.


Nicole and Deklyn:  For Deklyn’s dad, Warren finding God and His Word again.


Joseph:  Please pray that I find my spiritual home at this church and begin a new journey expanding my understanding of the Bible.


Corky:  Pray for my wife and family, as Judy goes through diagnosis of a mass in her abdomen.  May she receive a good report from the  Gastroenterologist on Dec 12th.


Lisa:  Pray for a wayward son, job security, and good health for my family.


Autumn P. Pray that the Lord would increase my acceptance/understanding of grief, death, and illness at work as a nurse’s aide.


Terry Merckz:  Pray as she has been very sick since August with ulcerative colitis which has led to nonstop bleeding  She is receiving infusions to counter the blood loss but now her immune system is severely weakened.  Pray for wisdom on what to do and that God would place His healing hand on her.


Diamond:  Pray for AJ  (3 wks. old) in the hospital with pneumonia.


Marie Prisco:  Rebecca Roe make a way for me to share the Gospel and bring her to church in order to change her life as a testimony of the power of Christ to transform a life












· Bernard and Bernice Dodeler:  France, leadership training

· Missionaries in India, working with handicapped children

· Guy and Carolyn Eshelman: Albania, currently at Caryn University in PA ministering

· David & Kathy Mannon: Rutgers, International students                          

· Gerber and Dione Coelho: Brazil, church planting                       

· Our Missionaries in Asia:  working with refugees, leadership training                            

· Jon and Kim Caputo: Campus Outreach 

· Our Missionaries in India                 

· Dr. Sam Slobodian:  Russia

· Michael Tapia Jr.: SonSet Solutions, technology support for Radio ministries and community development 

· Zebby Wheelock: Safina Street Network- Tanzania 



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